Executive Board of Directors                              

President                       (2021-2023)                            Alicia Santamaria

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1st Vice President             (2021-2023)                          Kim Rowley

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2nd Vice President         (2021-2023)
  Tina LaFlam

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Board of Directors

Performing Arts Chairs  Jade Baglio

Angela Carter       





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D.E.T.C. Chairs

Sabrina DelloRusso

Deb Lamontagne

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Finance Chair
Rebecca Wolter-Gustafson

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Public Relations Chair
Greg Kanelos

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Membership Examiner
Jen der Garabedian

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Secretary                             (2022-2024)                            Dana Dexter     

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Treasurer                       (2022-2024)                        Terri Trunfio

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Immediate Past President   (2021-2023)
  Kelly Hayward

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Ballroom Chair                Paul Hughes

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Student Workshop Chairs

Eleanor Boyle

Emmy MacWilliams

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N.D.C.A / Unity Delegate
Nancy Bradford Lonero


N.D.C.A. / Unity Delegate
Brenda Johnson

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Group of modern ballet dancers